Aboout Suppository, about Suppository packaging PVC/PE

Suppository refers to a solid preparation of drugs and a suitable substrate with a definite shape for intra. Suppositories are solid at room temperature. After being inserted into body cavities, they can quickly soften and melt or dissolve in secretions at body temperature, gradually releasing drugs and producing partial or systemic effects.

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Suppository packaging methods are various, material selection, such as: PE, PP...... , I introduce several methods below for your reference.

PE is called polyethylene, is a polymer organic compound with simple structure, widely used in the world today, made of ethylene polymerization. It is divided into two kinds of low molecular weight and high molecular weight: liquid, colorless PE for short English name: PE is one of the five major synthetic resin, is China's synthetic resin with large capacity, import varieties.


Polyvinyl forming properties

1. Crystal material, small moisture absorption, no need to fully dry, excellent fluidity, fluidity sensitive to pressure, molding time with high pressure injection, uniform material temperature, fast filling speed, full pressure. Direct gate should not be used to prevent uneven shrinkage and increase of internal stress. Pay attention to the location of the gate to prevent shrinkage and deformation.

2. Large shrinkage range and shrinkage value, obvious directionality and easy deformation and warping. The cooling speed should be slow, the mold is equipped with cold hole, and a cooling system.

3. The heating time should not be too long, otherwise it will decompose and burn.

4 soft plastic parts have shallow side groove, can be forced demoulding.

5. It is not suitable to contact with organic solvent to prevent cracking.

PVC/PE is the most popular and common form of suppository packaging, which has unique advantages that glass or other palstic doesn't have.

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