What Cold forming aluminium foil (Alu alu foil) is.

Cold aluminum foil is also known as cold forming foil, cold forming blister foil, aluminum foil packing of nylon, this cold aluminium foil and PVC, cold forming foil is the need for cold stamping forming, so the manufacturer must have a high precision stamping equipment to ensure the quality of cold forming foil to avoid waste of raw materials, and quality of cold forming foil can ensure the safety of the tablets of packaging, The tensile properties of cold forming foil should be strong enough and not easy to tear. Can be verified stamping cold forming foils die, thus can provide a variety of shapes of cold forming foils.

In the cold aluminum forming process, the aluminum base pressure film is simply pressed into the mold through the press die. The foil will be stretched and hold its shape. These blister forms are called cold-formed foil blister. The main advantage of cold-formed foil bubble covers is that the use of aluminium provides an almost complete barrier between water and oxygen, thus extending the life of the product. Compared with hot forming, the production speed of cold forming foil bubble cover is slower. Cold formed foils can be used for heat sealing of bubble cover foils. Cold-formed foils provide an excellent multi-layer configuration for highly sensitive drugs and generics that are highly hygroscopic or photosensitive but not suitable for packaging in barrier plastic film. Cold formed foil configurations are usually OPA(Nylon) film 25μ/ adhesive/aluminum foil 45-60μ/ adhesive /PVC 60μ.